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796 days old…first haircut!!

Trying to decide on the right “vehicle” for the haircut…Thomas?? Car?? Plane?? Horse?? Motorbike?? Not so sure about the ponytail…chose the horse too!! …not so sure Hmm, I guess I do look pretty!! check the glitter spray! I do like these suckers!!! Thanks Melonheads!!

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Sweet Esme sneak peek…

Thought I would post a couple sneak peeks from photos I took yesterday.  The last time I photographed this little babe she was just a week or two old.  Now 7 months and sitting up.  Such a cutie.  Thanks for the enduring the chaos that ensues when I start making you move your furniture!! Enjoy!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

We stopped at a cute little ice cream shop today on  our way home from visiting with our friends Steve and Amy…it was the cutest little shop I had to take my camera out for a couple snaps. 34 lbs thank you very much!! (including shoes & ice cream!) Ms. Pacman, just like what Mom […]

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