Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Gingerbread House!

Last week I was working nights, so Leyton and I had a chance to do some Christmas fun crafts. Here’s our beautiful gingerbread house. I’m surprised there’s any candies left on it, she was pretty intent on eating as many as she could before they got on the house!! Turned out alright!!

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Winding down…

So I’m finally starting to wind down on my Christmas photos for the year…whew, that was a bit of a hectic couple months, but I’ve made it through. Here is the last set I did, you’ve seen this family before. Cooper is already almost 4 months old…wow, time goes quickly!

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Grey Cup and Photos!

Last weekend we headed over to Reid and Erin’s to watch some Grey Cup action (poor Saskatchewan…) but we snuck out before hand to get a couple photos for their Christmas Card this year. Here they are…what a cute fam!

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